Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a game? Are there ways to incorporate competitions or goals into the project?

No, Visionmaker NYC is not a game. However, users may use the Challenges function to require other users to meet up to three specific goals.

How often will data be updated?

The information on Visionmaker NYC reflects the most up-to-date data available. The contemporary landcover map, based on the dynamic and ever-changing island of Manhattan, reflects the city as it existed based on the City of New York Department of City Planning's 201o edition of MapPLUTO (see About page for more detail). For more information about the data in use, click on the "i" icons throughout the site, or read our Terms of Use .

Is there a tool on the site that advises on logical or common combinations of landcover?

No, there is no feature on the site that suggests landcover combinations. The user is in complete control of their vision, and can experiment with innumerable different combinations of landcover. Explore the landcover of New York City (2014) or Welikia (1609) for examples of past and present landcover combinations.

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