Defining a vision extent

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What is a vision extent?

A vision extent is your area of interest. Put simply, it is the area that you choose to alter by painting different ecosystems on to and ultimately compare against what is here today and what was here before there was a city. The map divides areas of the city into blocks or block-like divisions to make it easy to select areas you want to create a vision for. All visions are based on these block geometries.

How do I select a vision extent?

Vision Extents can be defined one of two ways: users can load and copy existing visions using the Search feature at the bottom of the page, or create new visions using the Vision Extent Selector Tool on the menu bar to the right. Users have the option to add or remove blocks from their vision extent at any point during the editing process. For more information on selecting or changing a vision extent, check out the video at the top of this page.