Choosing a lifestyle and climate

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Beyond changing the ecosystems of an area of interest, users are able to change the Lifestyle and Climate scenarios that inform their visions. Changing the Lifestyle scenario for your vision will change the consumption and waste generation patterns of the people living in your vision extent. It also affects a range of other factors, like the fuels used for various tasks or the modes of transportation that people prefer. Users can switch Lifestyles and click Recalculate in the Environmental Performance tab to the left to see how lifestyle choices affect our environment.


Users are also welcome to change the Climate scenarios of their visions. Changing the climate of your area of interest allows you to see how your vision would perform under different environmental conditions- say, if New York City's average daily temperature were to rise in the future. You can also see how your vision performs with the historical climate of Mannahatta and compare it to today’s climate.

Precipitation event

You can change the precipitation event scenario for your vision. As with changing the climate and lifestyle choices of your vision, changing the precipitation event for your vision will allow you to see how your vision performs under different environmental conditions.