Understanding the Dashboard

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After you edit your vision you can see how your changes affect the environmental performance of that area using the Dashboard. Located in the Environmental Performance tab in the left menu, the Dashboard is launched by clicking the Show Results or Recalculate button. There are four ways you can display your vision’s environmental performance.

Vision Information tab

This tab provides a summary of your vision, including a written description, the size of your vision area, and the climate and lifestyle scenarios you selected. It also contains the proportion of each ecosystem in your vision, as well as the option for you or others to comment on or share your vision.

Environmental Performance tab

This view allows you to select different metrics from drop down lists and see how your vision compares to the historical ecology of the area and the area today. You can also load other visions to compare against.

Inputs and Outputs tab

Every ecosystem depends on resources flowing into and out of it. The Inputs and Outputs view allows you to see the resources flowing into your vision area, as well as the byproducts it produces as a result. Users can also see the stored resources that your vision requires or could accommodate.

Vision Data Summary tab

The Vision Data Summary view allows users to see the numerical data related to their vision. Metric categories open up to reveal submetrics and parameters that are used to calculate the "big picture" environmental performance. This view is data-rich and allows you to export your vision data as a .CSV file for analysis in other programs like Microsoft Excel or Google Docs.