carbon content of plant biomass

The amount of carbon contained in a unit of dry plant biomass, expressed as a proportion of total plant biomass.

Used to calculate:fossil fuels consumed and biomass fuels consumed

Varies by: global

Used global Reference Location: Ecosystem
(study period)
Value Units Notes
* Global entity Magnussen & Reed 2004 Knowledge Reference for Naitonal Forest Assessment Global: Forests () 0.475 proportion (0-1) "In many applications, the carbon content of vegetation may be estimated by simply taking a fraction of the biomass, say C = 0.475 * B, where C is carbon content by mass, and B is oven-dry biomass."
Global entity Ritson 2003 - Measurement and prediction of biomass and carbon content Pinus pinaster trees in farm forestry plantations, south-western Australia South-western Australia: Farm forestry plantations () 50.117 % (0 - 100) This percent is the average of carbon content of biomass components including aerial litter, dead branches, cones, live branches and leaves, stem, and roots.

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