About this metric

ecosystem area

An ecosystem is the combination of living things and the nonliving environment in a place. The term "ecosystem" is used broadly in this case: it includes buildings, streets, sidewalks, utility yards, parks, agriculture, and green roofs, as well as forests, wetlands, beaches, and estuary waters. Mannahatta2409 gives you the ability to change the ecosystems of the city.

Used to calculate: daytime density, nighttime density, standing water, open waters, water used inside, water used making steam, evapotranspiration, steam, impervious runoff from hardtops, pervious runoff from soil, runoff into streams, plant biomass, wildlife biomass, leaves and sticks, soil organic matter, plant growth, fossil fuels consumed, biomass fuels consumed, plant senescence, harvest by people, harvest by wildlife, biodegradable liquid waste, non-biodegradable liquid waste, habitat, soil water and usable areas (floor area)

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